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3 Travel Apps We Won’t Leave Home Without — 5 Comments

  1. How does the Allstay app loaded on an iPad update its data? I like your suggestion of loading on table for the larger screen, but how does it stay current? More details on that, please.

    • I recently learned that there are two Allstays options. The option I have is the load the data onto my iPad APP. Like other Apple or Google Apps Allstays has to package the new info into a release, and go through Apple or Googles process to update the app. In my experience a new version, which you see in the App Store as an update seems to come out about every 4 months. The second option, which I just heard about is to buy access to their ONLINE, updated DAILY, system on their website. They call this Allstars Pro. If you choose this option you get access to the most current info on all campgrounds, etc. I have not used this option, but if you don’t want to wait for the latest and greatest you should look into it.

  2. Hi There. Thank you for your suggestions but w have a BIG issue with Gas Buddy. It doesn’t let you know about Diesel #1 or Diesel #2 and calling is almost impossible. So how do you get around this when using Gas Buddy to make sure your diesel fuel is correct and not bio-fuel?