This is OLGA


Actually we stole her name from a podcaster, who was much more clever than either of us. OLGA stands for:


It seemed to fit.  We are two retired women in our early 60’s, i.e. we qualify for the National Parks Senior Pass. Here are the top 10 things you need to know about OLGA, and the two of us:

  1. OLGA is a 2015 Renegade Villagio 25 QRS.  She was a “left-over”, so though we bought her new, we didn’t get hit with all the depreciation.
  2. OLGA is our second motorhome, though we had been RV-ing for only one year when we bought her.  The first RV was a 2014 Forest River Sunseeker 2250 that we bought from a lovely couple on CraigsList.  Nancy was certain we would be re-selling it on CraigsList after our first trip.  But after a 6-week trip, we decided we both liked “camping”.  The size really wasn’t too small, we just wanted more creature comforts.  Think “glamping”.  So we bought OLGA, who despite the numbers is only 11″ longer than the Sunseeker.  Who makes up these numbering schemes anyway.
  3. We don’t tow…yet?  Denise thinks we will.  Nancy continues to insist that bikes, an occasional car rental and mooching off friends are all we need. She also believes that driverless Uber cars are just around the corner.
  4. Denise is a retired navy nurse and golf professional.  Because of Denise’s service, we can utilize military FamCamps as we travel. We love FamCamps!
  5. Denise is a very good, natural athlete.  She first played pickleball in 2007, but got serious in 2010 and quickly became a 5.0 player based on USAPA tournament ratings.  She was one of those unfortunate players to be re-ranked mid-tournament.  Supposedly that doesn’t happen anymore.
  6. Nancy is a retired medical computer sales person.  The fact that she sold computers for 30 years makes some think she knows something about them.  This is not true.  In fact figuring how to create this page has taken all day despite using WordPress tools and templates.
  7. Nancy is a good, note I didn’t say very good, athlete and has been playing since 2007, getting serious around 2010.  She is currently ranked as a 4.0 player by the USAPA.
  8. Nancy has been laid up for a while.  Attempting arthroscopic surgery, various injections and stem cell therapy to repair two really bad knees.  Both knees were replaced in February 2015.  However, never patient, Nancy came back to pickleball too soon.  Note to self: taking narcotic painkillers while playing in a National tournament resulted in two additional surgeries and another year off the courts.
  9. We have both played in tournaments.  Sometimes together…sometimes with other partners.  When playing together, it is a work in progress.  I’m sure many of you other married couples can relate.
  10. Denise and I lived in The Villages, FL from November 2010 until September 2017. And yes, The Villages really does have over 200 dedicated pickleball courts.  We moved to Rancho Mirage, CA in October 2017.


One final note.  The impetus for the blog was:

  • Helping Nancy’s mom keep track of where we were;
  • Our love of pickleball; and
  • Our love or travel.


We have never solicited or accepted any compensation for this website.  Any reviews or opinions are merely our own.