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Oh My Aching Pickleball Feet…Avoiding Foot Pain — 4 Comments

  1. Barbara, you are a delight to listen and watch. Your information is very good and works if you take the time to do the various movements and exercises.I try to watch and do all your helpful videos. Thanks so much for what you do.

  2. My feet hurt on top Also around side of big toe

    I’ve had an x-ray and a MRI. ( No broken bones) Arthritis and tendinitis
    My orthopedic surgeon had me wear a boot for a month. Still hurts the same!

    I use K-tape to wrap top of foot.
    Also have bought 6 different pair of court shoes.

    Any suggestions?!!!

    • Abeo’s do not make a court shoe per se but their shoes are awesome for bad feet, only thing I can wear playing pickleball or anything else. I have to also wear their ortho inserts