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Communicate: If I Could Teach You Just One Pickleball Skill — 2 Comments

  1. I have always tried to say “you” or me. I’ve been told once by a guy that I was being annoying by saying “you” all the time. I was doing that because he was getting the ball all the time. I then curbed saying it. Later, I realized that he was just upset at how badly he was playing. I will generally ask my partners if it’s okay to say you or me now. But force of habit, it will come out sooner or later. I believe in good communication also. I just wish my partners would communicate better, and also help me call in or out on lobs, side shots, etc. that can help me make a decision on whether to hit the ball or not. Sooo many people don’t say a word, and it makes it so hard! Thank you for this post. It is welcome advice.

  2. Fascinating subject. Everyone has heard it but my estimate is about ten percent of the recreational players do it. Do the pros actually do it? I’m not sure. I am the perienial “caller”. I call you, me, and bounce. Not only do most players fail to do it but many of them don’t even pay attention to my calls. Few things easier to do than get out of the way when your partner calls a lob. I love it when on that rare occasion I play with someone who calls balls. When someone calls a lob, it may drift over to their opponents territory but let the caller take it. Get out of the way. Not a matter of ball hogging. Either player may say mine so don’t get upset if your partner calls a ball you think is yours, simply call it first. I know I sound frustrated here but I don’t believe my experience is rare. What percentage of your varying recreational partners actually communicate?