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  1. Hi Denise and Nancy, I just discovered your site…..good job. I’ve been doing a pb newsletter/blog for almost a year. It’s been a fun–although at times I’ve needed a break to recharge my creative battery. This is my website in case you want to see what I’ve been writing about: http://www.challengecourt.net

    • Russell, thanks for your interest in RVPicklers. I have added you to the list. Anyone can join the subscriber list by entering their email address on our left sidebar of our homepage.

  2. greetings
    Are there folks heading to Portland Maine June 23 for the Atlantic Regional Pickleball tournament ?
    We hope to head there and wondered about an RV campground……any recommendations ?

    • Karen, we aren’t heading to Portland and have not had the opportunity to travel in our RV in Maine yet. I suggest you put the question on the RV Picklers Facebook group. Best way to get a quick response from others who travel in their motorhomes to pickleball destinations.

  3. I just put in a request to join the RV Picklers FB Page. I live fulltime on the road also – going on my 7th year (I took a break after the first 3 years when I retired from the Army) I spend winters in AZ now, and I’m sure I’ve seen/met you somewhere at a PB tourney. I learned to play at Pueblo EL Mirage winter of ’14 and this past winter I officially became an addict. We have a great club at PEM (I’m sure you know Judy Graves, Rita Weihe, Becky Gibbs, etc.) I travel all summer, and this year I made it a point to seek out PB venues and play as often as possible. This summer I have managed to find play in TX, TN, AL, GA (participated in the Hiawassee tourney in May), SC, and KY. I’m working my way to central NY, and I’m hoping to find play in OH, PA, MD, and NY. Probably more info than you cared to read, but wanted to (re) introduce myself, and also tell you how much I enjoy your posts, blog, and updates. Hope to see you out o the road!

  4. i have a question for SARAH ANSBOURY! in stacking that is. let me explain the situation and hope that you can answer my question. i am a left-handed player, my partner is a right-handed player. i always am SERVER 1 (no stacking necessary here). when i move to serve on the left court ( we stack). the question i have, IF WE LOSE THE POINT ON THE LEFT COURT, DOES MY PARTNER SERVE AGAIN TO THE SAME OPPONENT AS I DO OR DOES SHE MOVE TO THE RIGHT COURT AND SERVE TO THE OTHER OPPONENT?

    hope i made this clear to you.

    waiting to hear from you,

    • Anna, I can help you with that. Service rules must be observed at all times, regardless of stacking. That means that if you are the first server in the game and for your team you are the “even” server or receiver. When you start the game, you are on the right side or even side of the court, and the score is 0-0-2. if your team makes a point, you now move to the left side of the court (your partner can stand anywhere) and you serve from the left or odd court, 1-0-2. If you lose the point, it is side out and the ball goes to the other side. Your partner is now responsible for receiving the serve (on the right) side because he is the “odd” player and must always be responsible for serving or receiving the ball on the right side when your score is an odd number.
      Now let’s assume your opponent does not make any points and the ball returns to your side, again side out. Your partner would serve from the right court, again you could stand to his right if you are stacking, as the score is 1-0-1. Your team’s score is odd, so the odd partner is in the right court. If your team failed to score a point, it would be your turn to serve and you would do so from the left court.
      When a referee is assigned to a match, they will ask the first (or even) server on each team to wear a wristband. The referee can then quickly identify if the correct player is serving or receiving from the correct position by comparing the armband position to the score. If the team score is even, the wristband should be on the right side of the court…if odd, on the left.
      It is a fault if you serve or receive from the wrong position. If you receive from the wrong position, you opponent is automatically awarded a point….and they must then change positions so they are serving from the correct position now reflected in their score.
      When we introduce pickleball to new players, the subject of scoring and court position is often confusing to new players. When you further complicate it by stacking, it can get very confusing and even the best players are occasionally in the wrong spot.
      Keep in mind, in a tournament, a referee may NOT volunteer information to the server or receiver. The referee is not allowed to tell you that you are in the wrong position unless you ask. If you have a question, are confused, etc…ask the referee “Am I the correct server?” “Am I in the correct position.” Frankly, you should know the answer to the second question by knowing your team’s score. As a left-handed player that is always the first server, if your team’s score is even you will be on the right side. If it is odd, on the left.
      I hope this helped. If you still have questions, please let us know.

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