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You Must Have a Pickleball Plan — 3 Comments

  1. When I was teaching tennis, one of my “mantras” was ‘Hit the ball where you want it to go’. This approach often accomplished two things: A) It ‘required’ some planning on the part of the player(Who more than once would exclaim…”I’m just trying to hit it IN!!!”) and, 2) It gave immediate and then long-term feedback to the player or team as to the efficacy of their chosen strategy. This could be as immediate as “Well, THAT shot didn’t work” or longer-term as in “We are really taking advantage of the weakness we spotted…Let’s keep it up!”

    I’m still new enough at Pickleball that I usually “wing it” when meeting a new partner and opponents; but having the immediate target(s) in mind give me a good starting point and then I can develop my larger strategy both for myself(what shots are working, what needs more attention) and my partner(what are WE doing, good or bad). It’s a little like the old saying: “If you don’t know where you’re going, how will you know when you get there?”

    Thanks for the reminder to ‘have a plan’, Coach. I’m going to make sure I do that even in today’s social play!

  2. Great idea. Simple but with purpose. I am learning so much from you, Sarah. Worked on my neutral zone and dropping and walking today. I am determined to evoke more balanced and efficient. Cannot wait for you guys to get back to Austin.