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Pickleball 101: Start at the NVZ Line — 3 Comments

  1. Thanks for the tips on where to begin. It will help to have a consistent plan for our program.

  2. Excellent overview here! Some of these I’ve been doing, and some I haven’t so this was good. I’d love to get your curriculum or whatever you have to share for 101. I’d also like more info on how you “train the trainer”. Currently I’m doing all the teaching for our group, but we are growing so I need to train more trainers. Any advice would be great! Thanks! My e-mail is iepickleball@gmail.com. Thanks!

    Ernie Medina, Jr.
    IE Pickleball
    USAPA Ambassador, Loma Linda, CA

    • Ernie, I can understand why you want to include others in your training program. We are fortunate in The Villages to have such a robust program, offering classes nearly every day of the month “in season” and at least weekly in the “off season”. This would not be possible without 75+ volunteer instructors, who not only have weekly assignments but also substitute for others due to illness or travel. When I was trained the program was rather exhaustive…a bit long in my estimation. So let me suggest some things to consider: 1. Ask all trainees to take and pass the USAPA Rules Test; 2. Ask the trainee to watch you giving the class. (if you have a video of you giving the class you might want to provide them with that to view at home as well); 3. Have them give the class under your supervision. When I was trained the trainee was required to watch 3 or 4 classes before they were allowed to teach under supervision. I think most adults will accurately predict their ability to provide the training….so perhaps you suggest they watch you until they are comfortable. Perhaps they take one section until they are comfortable. Frankly, you have given me a great idea for a new deliverable…now just have to find the time to video. Thanks for reading.