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Pickleball Basics, Boring but Effective — 2 Comments

  1. I appreciate your teaching skills, Balance.- Breathe – Believe

    I notice when I get frustrated in my play I try to remember the 3 B’s to calm me down and focus on my balance first and breathing. Your teaching skills have helped me more than anything that I have tried. Having only one personal session with you and reading and rereading and rereading your blog has improved my way of thinking of how to implement your technique. I look forward to attending your workshop in April 2018 in Punts Gorda, Fl.

    Thank you for all you and Linh give to pickleball

    Line Coe

  2. Thanks for the reminder that it IS all about solid basics. So often, after missing a point, I take a second to think about where the weight is distributed on my feet, where my paddle was before the shot, and those other basics of balance, biomechanics and footwork. Lo and behold, things usually get better. It will be a while before my only difficulties are with strategy– but is something to look forward to! Thanks Sarah, for continuing to inspire and instruct!