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Pickleball Court Position: Am I in the Right Place? — 3 Comments

  1. Played a team at the 4.0 tournament level that asked those questions almost every time they got to serve. It became very distracting for our side to listen to it. Next time on a time out I think I would ask the ref to say something and hope the ref would.

  2. In a recent 3.0 final, my partner noticed that the opponents were in the wrong places. We decided not to mention it until they’d served. Two questions: should we have mentioned this before the serve; and once they served, should we continue playing the point out before telling the ref, or stop playing and tell the ref?

    • This is a tough one, simply as it relates to “sportsmanship” …. not the rules. If you allow the other team to serve and then stop play, assuming you are correct, the other team will be assessed a fault and will lose the serve. If you interrupt play and are incorrect, it is a fault on your team and thus you will give a point to the opponent. I must admit that in the finals of The Huntsmen Games several years back, my partner and I knew the opposing team was about to serve incorrectly and did not inform them or the ref until after they served. Our opponents lost their serve, side out, and we won the match on the next point. I had only been playing pickleball for 2 or 3 years at the time. I will admit, that I still am not “proud” of that moment. And, in fact, having refereed many 5.0 and Pro events, I find that the vast majority of these players will warn their opponent prior to serving. Such sportsmanship, allows the other team to correct their position or server and thus avoid the fault.