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Pickleball in The Villages, What You Need to Know — 4 Comments

  1. I am not a “villager” but I’ve visited five times over the last four years. This is a perfect description of pickleball at The Villages. Many of us got our first taste of pickleball during a lifestyle visit. I can’t imagine anyplace that has gotten more people hooked on the game. I live two hours away, so going there is simple. There are many reasons to go and see the place but the pickleball experience is probably the best. You continue to amaze me with how well written your articles are. Keep up the good work, and thanks.

  2. As a villager, I applaud your acuracy in accessing PB in TV. As a beginner I learned the ropes with a church group and have steadily improved and now play with a group of very skilled 4.0s. I still play twice a week with the Church folks and very much enjoy their company. All in all, I agree that PB in the villages is awesome!

  3. Are the ratings clinics only open to residents and their guests? If visitors are able to attend, what is the process for registering?

    • All Village sponsored activities are only available to Village Residents and their registered guests. As residents it is a simple process to get a Guest ID for our visitors. With the guest ID you can sign up for a ratings clinic by calling Lake Miona Rec Center (where the clinics are held monthly) one week prior to the clinic.