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Pickleball Net Rules…What You Need to Know — 18 Comments

  1. What you just said in this article says it all. Read the the rule book while learning to play. Then go out play and have fun.

  2. Please take a look at rule 12.J.2 (January 1, 2016 book). Thanks, Bob Paulsen

  3. thank you nancy for the clarification on the rules where the net is concerned. TOO MANY PEOPLE DO NOT READ…LET ALONE CARE ABOUT THE RULES! I CARE!!!! rules are created to be followed! all sporting events have rules! i bought 2 tournament rule books. i carry one in my pickleball bag and one when i travel in our rv. people are still saying 0-0-START! 0-0-2 makes all the difference in the world! HELLO!!!

  4. Nancy, my learned friend, I am always in agreement with your writings and protestations. For I find them to be quite educational and informative.

    However, after reading your commentary, I was surprised by your interpretation of the rules concerning the net. Correct me if I am wrong, but you stated that if the ball passed between the net and the net post (the part that sometimes has the zigzag roping. Your nets in the Villages are not this way), it is a good ball and play continues. I politely disagree with you on this. Please refer to rule 12.J.2, which states that “hitting the ball between the top and bottom net wires is a fault”. Essentially, the ball cannot be played between the net post and the end of the net, because this is the area to which you are referring in your commentary.

    I would love to hear your rebuttal on this issue.

    Kind Regards,

    Byron Freso

  5. Regarding hitting between net and post. Keep reading the rule book. 12.j.2 hitting between top and bottom net wires is a fault. This precludes hitting a legal shot between post and net no matter how far out the post is positioned

  6. 12.1 and 12.j.1 are not clear.First the post or anything attached to it are out of bounds,except the net cable or strings which are all attached to the post. because those things are Mostly on the court.Those things are mostly off the court by 12″ ! rule needs to be looked at. IMO.

  7. Having been a golf rules official, pickleball rules are a piece of cake!

  8. I’m confused. Why ignore rule 12J.2 which states that if the ball passes between the top and bottom net wires it is a fault. It seems to me that if the ball passes between the net and the post it must also pass between the top and bottom wires making it a fault. Am missing something?

  9. It appears Nancy’s interpretation about a ball passing between the post and net was incorrect. Rule 12 j 2 states “12.J.2. Hitting the ball between the top and bottom net wires is a fault.” the only way a ball can pass between the net and post is if it passes between the top and bottom net wire. Therefore it is a fault contrary to what Nancy has indicated

  10. 12.J.2 Hitting the ball between the top and bottom net wires is a fault. So, no the shot would NOT be good if it passed between the post & net.

  11. I had this exact thing happen to me at a tournament the weekend before getting your email. There was a large gap between the net and the post and I managed to hit one between them for a winner. The posts were 2 feet outside the court so there was a healthy gap. The ref said it didn’t count saying it had to go outside the post. After reading your comments I sent him an email to solicit his opinion. He stated that rule 12.J.2, “hitting the ball between the top and bottom net wires is a fault” supported his call. How would you interpret this rule? It seems contradictory to 12.I. and 12.J.1.

    • Thanks Bob. I went back and did more research after your comment and I agree. Frankly, this makes a lot more sense to me! I have revised the original post to reflect this.

  12. Nancy,

    You are allowed one free mistake a quarter. Therefore, you have just used your one get out of jail free card. LOL! All kidding aside, your commentary on all things Pickleball is extremely valuable. So, keep it coming, my friend!