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Pickleball Paddles: Let the Paddle Do the Work — 12 Comments

  1. Hi Sarah! Where to order the paddle? I do love the white on the catalog!

  2. I was wondering about a foam injected handle a la tennis rackets…figured it was a cost concern; but I’m glad to see it. I actually thought about “deconstructing” an old tennis racket or two in order to experiment with a foam “sleeve” handle system. The common current handles on many paddles does seem a little ‘rustic’.

    I was on the Head Tennis Teaching Staff back in the ’90s. I’ve got quite a bit of work to do to qualify in Pickleball!!!!(But, it’s only been TWO months!)
    By the bye, I didn’t see anything identifying YOU in this article. Not everyone knows how famous you are!!! Just linking to this article gave no clue…just sayin’. 🙂

    • Thanks for your comments. The web manager (me) wrongly attributed this article to RVPicklers rather than Sarah. Thanks for pointing out the oversite. It has been corrected and, as such, Sarah’s bio is now included at the end of the post.

  3. Grabs more than the Apex? Has the 7.6oz Extreme Tour paddle been approved by USAPA?

    • Yes, all the Head paddles have been approved by the USAPA. They are now building their inventory and establishing retail and online outlets. Expect to see them commercially available at the end of the summer.

  4. Looking to buy a Head paddle I’ve been a head RMC for 15+ years in NJ sponsoring racquetball players. Who do I need to talk to about a paddle.
    Joe C

  5. Sarah: It’s been my impression that aluminum core paddles offer a little better control but less power than polymer. (I’ve owned both types.) It seems to me, the ball comes off an aluminum paddle a bit more slowly than a polymer core paddle, which might help with touch and placement. I realize the polymer core paddles are preferred by most top players. However, everyone at that level already has great control, so extra power is required to stay even with the competition.