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Pickleball Service Rules: Clarifications and Changes — 6 Comments

  1. Hi Nancy, I always love your writings on RV Picklers. You provide a great service to many Picklers. However, I must correct one thing in your post about the 10-second rule. If the server violates the rule, it is s fault (loss of serve). If the receiver violates the rule, it is a point to the server. Therefore, you were partially correct. As always, keep up the good work.


  2. There was a lot of talk at first about palm up or down but I don’t see that anymore in the rules. Was this changed or dropped or was it never there to begin with? Personally I thought up or down was a good idea.

    • A lot of the “talk” you refer to must be a “local thing”. There is not, nor do I believe was there ever, anything in the rule book dictating the position of the palm. Definition 3.A.36 says, “Underhand – The player’s arm must be moving in a forward and upward arc with the palm turned upward or downward.” We have written before about local lore….a pickleball phenomenon I find incredibly annoying.

  3. The reason for a point for the serving team if the ball strikes the net on the serve and strikes a player on the receiving team is because it is not a let serve until it strikes the ground, if the ball lands in the wrong court or in the NVZ or out of bounds it is a fault so if the ball strikes a player before touching the ground it isn’t a let serve. No different than serving and striking the receivers partner, point for serving team.
    John Grasso

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