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Suddenly I had Inverter Envy — 3 Comments

  1. Nancy, you did an amazing job of researching about inverters and converters. I agree with most of what you have stated. Personally, we have an inverter and converter in our rig. The inverter, which you have so eloquently stated, converts DC power to AC. Beeing a night owl, this helps me tremendously, when we are camping in state parks with no shore power (50 Amp outlets) and have to respect the 10 P.M. quiet time by turning off our generator. Because I still need to use my laptop (I know you are going to ask if it doesn’t have a battery and the answer is, “It needs to be replaced”), I turn on my inverter to provide the 120 volts needed for my laptop. As a bonus, I am able to run the TV. Both of these devices, along with the other devices that come on automatically when they sense 120 volts, run for approximately five hours on the inverter. For me, it is a necessity!

    • Our small rig’s TV run off the coach batteries as do our overhead lights. We also, fortunately, have newer computers, iPads and iPhones that easily make it through the night. Thanks for the feedback!

  2. We love our inverter which we installed in our trailer on a neighbor’s advice. Of course, I had no idea what the dang thing did but my hubby assured me it would be better than canned peaches! I liked it better than sliced bread ! Anyway, we used it for our 5 day boondock adventure in the 10,000 ft. elev High Uintah Mts, Wyo. Like you mentioned, Wyoming usually doesn’t need A/C but we needed the heater, hot coffee and electric blanket (jk 😜). No noisy generator used which brought two leisurely berry grazing moose 10 feet from where we were sitting. (Scary but amazing!). This was a camping, hiking, fishing trip and not a pickleball court in sight! Sometimes you just gotta get back to nature–with an inverter! Thanks for the informative article !