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What is a Super Senior Pickleball Player to Do? — 4 Comments

  1. I did join the SSIPA and I am playing i Ga…hopefully some other 70+ players will join us..I talked with Ford, and Melissa after having a hard time with my entry…they were so over the top with help and humor…My tennis partner and I have a hard time finding 70+ player..but we play wherever we can…we are so looking forward to Ga. and hope more seniors sign up and go..We feel it so important to separate the 60+ from the younger players…yet still have the opportunity to play either… The SSIPA seems to be just what we want and need….Thanx for doing this….See ya in Ga…….

  2. I’m 57 but I still signed up as a lifetime member. I think the creation of this organization answers a growing need in the pickleball community. Seniors have done so much for the sport and because so many are retired, have had the time to really work the parks and rec all around the country (and other countries) to get courts built or a shared space at tennis and/or basketball courts. In the last few years, the younger set has discovered pickleball and advanced so quickly as to create a real discrepancy between a 65+ 5.0 and a 35+ 5.0. I think that contributed to the creation of the PPF and the SSIPA. Kudos to both groups for taking important steps to keep the dream of great competition alive for young and old alike. I look forward to participating in SSIPA tournaments in a few years.

    • Marian thanks for your thoughtful feedback. We agree there is a big difference between a 5.0 senior and a 5.0 20 or 30 something pro. We will continue to see this disparity grow as more young people enter the sport. There is room for both organizations, and both are necessary.

  3. I totally agree with how hard it is to find enough players in my age group. I just turned 80 and there is never enough players that turn out for tournaments in my area of Las Vegas. I always have to play down and I am finding it harder to keep up with the younger players, especially in our hot weather.