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Using Your RV as a Moving Van — 5 Comments

  1. Great story, but yes, we all have too, too much stuff. Live simply, that others may simply live. Not sure how me having nothing much benefits those who having nothing at all, but the longer I go, the less I want. They get a kick at pickleball tournaments, if I am lucky enough to win a medal, that I leave it. If no one took a medal but paid for it anyway, we could donate that money to a local group near the tournament. Oh well——it does not take much to have the ingredients for a happy life—-basics, a good partner, the natural world, and the zafu.

  2. At the East Tennessee District Senior Olympics we can (and do) give them back to the District and they give them to the Special Olympics for awards at their events.

    • We very much enjoyed our two weeks in the desert last February. We loved the feel of this area. Denise lived in Southern California for a time in the 80’s and early 90’s and really wanted to get back to the west coast. Regarding The Villages…we lived there for 10 years and it was time for a change.