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When is a Pickleball Point Over? Well, It Depends — 5 Comments

    • You are asking about the forward momentum issue and the NVZ rule which states, “It is a fault if the player’s momentum causes the player to touch anything that is touching the non-volley zone, including the player’s partner.” If your partner is standing in the non-volley zone, and you touch her when volleying…it is a fault.

  1. I’m confused by the second to the last paragraph. Why would a player need to re-establish their position outside the NVZ when they’ve already committed a fault by volleying from inside the NVZ? Didn’t their actions cause an immediate fault, and end the rally?

    • Perhaps I wasn’t clear. My point is that if one is outside of the NVZ but flailing to regain balance…they must stay outside the NVZ until the next serve is struck. Likewise, if someone enters the NVZ to return a short dink (that has bounced) they must re-establish their position with both feet outside the NVZ before they can hit a volley. Sorry for the confusion.

  2. The momentum rule is one of those rules that is hard to judge. It usually has to be the player who faulted to call this fault as most other players are watching the ball. I bet most players will not call this fault on themselves.